logoBlended Interactions is a user experience (UX) design studio affiliated with the Interaction Design Program at SUNY Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY. We specialize in applied interaction design thinking, research and development for the creation of innovative technologies that merge digital products with physical environments [4, 5].


Blended Spaces is an extension of Mixed Reality [1, 3]. Mixed Reality is a research domain in communication sciences that looks at how digital products and physical environments merge. As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality become normal technologies found in everyday life [2, 6], at Farmingdale State College, we solve human centered problems by carefully designing the relationships between any digital product and how it blends into our physical lives.  Our design thinking and research has a special emphasis on the following topics:

  1. Blended Spaces and Gardens for Sustaining
    Research Objective: How does Blended Spaces support a sustainable approach to Gardening?
  2. Designing Blended Spaces for Transit
    Research Objective: How does Blended Spaces solve transportation services in New York City?
  3. Designing Blended Spaces for Personalized Geo-Located Way Finding
    Research Objective: How does Blended Spaces personalize location to location travel experience on and off campus?
  4. Designing Blended Spaces for Retail Environments
    Research Objective: How does Blended Spaces enable retailers to market and entice customers to enter retail stores vs shopping online?

Our past research looked at Blended Spaces in the context of historical heritage locations and schoolchildren designing for mobile experiences.

Our UX design studio is affiliated with other research organizations:
Edinburgh Napier University, UK – Centre for Interaction Design

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