Day 7 – 5th August

Today we met at Napier early to prepare for a guest speaker.

This speaker was Aaron Quigley from the University of St. Andrews who was talking to us about Discreet Computing. This helped us to understand how our creations needed to be unobtrusive and easy to use discreetly in order to avoid embarrassment in everyday scenarios.

After this talk, we got back into our groups in order to evaluate the results of our surveys.

Each group picked out 10 pieces of data and explained why they felt that they would be of value to the study.

After these presentations, we were tasked with coming up with some basic ideas as to what form of a system we could build on for Friday’s show.

After this we all then drew out our ideas on a giant roll of paper which also gave us more time to expand on the ideas whilst taking them through.

This turned out to be very fruitful as it caused us all to think more about the uses of our ideas and how they could be put into practice.

We then split off into pairs to start drawing storyboards that would help to refine the ideas and to help understand each other’s ideas more easily by having them visually mapped out.

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