Day 5 – 3rd August

We met much later in the day today, giving the American students time to explore and if they needed to, catch up on sleep.

Tom wanted us to see a show called “data play” based outside the InSpace Gallery at George Square. Many exhibits were all technology-focused. There was one machine that was taking poems from the internet and calculating how many of each word there was in each poem and valuing it. For example, one German poem had the word ‘und’ 14 times making it worth £35.00.


We were then released into our groups and encouraged to ask people our surveys around the George Square area.

This was useful and we all managed to collect valuable data. One thing that we all noticed was that we struggled in some areas with an internet connection, even on data, to move the survey along quick enough that so there were times that you could see people getting bored.

We split for a bit as one group got free tickets to a show.

After this, we all met up again and had some drinks. This was a good opportunity for us all to bond more.

There was another show that all but four of us had tickets to so we split up again. Whilst the show was happening the remaining people asked more surveys.


We found that it was significantly more difficult to get coherent responses as it was getting later on Saturday night and we were based near a beer garden.


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