Day 3 – 1st August

We gathered in D36 so that we were able to write up our creations that we came up with at Jupiter Artland. We were required to create a presentation that would help to explain our idea so that we could easily present it to the group. Some people had changed their idea and others had enhanced theirs so that the idea was more in the forefront of the explanation. Brian then gave us a brief lecture explaining different Ethnographic data collection techniques. We were split into different groups to go out and begin the data collection process. Each group was assigned a different location that is a popular place at the Festivals. These places were; Summer Hall, George Square, The Pleasance, and Cowgate. Each team had one Napier student and two or three Farmingdale students. On this first day, we were tasked with ‘Flaneuring’ in which you are both parts of the city and in the city at the same time. The basis of this is observations of peoples’ behaviors and thinking of possible problems that people may be having that could be enhanced with technology. Doing this in the field was more challenging than anticipated as there are so many people flyering (advertising) their own shows that it makes it difficult to stay in one place and just observe peoples’ actions.

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