Day 2 – 31st July

On day 2 we met at the minibus and then travelled to Jupiter Artland.

Once we had got our maps we were split into teams with people who had been to Jupiter Artland before or had previous knowledge of the 360 degree videos that Tom has made. From this split we were put into pairs. We were given a brief for the day of:

“Design an experience at Jupiter Artland that incorporates the digital without taking away from the physical experience. “

Tom then gave us a tour of the woodland area. He gave us insight into each piece. Even though there was already information on the provided maps, most of our group liked the increased amount of detail as to the artists ideas and thoughts that went into creating their particular piece.


Having done the tour it was time for lunch. We sat in a woodland area that allowed us to talk more as well as discussing any initial ideas with our partner.

We then split off into pairs. The idea was to explore more of the site to allow us to come up with more ideas.


We needed to come up with the basic premise of what our idea was in enough detail that we could describe it to the rest of the group.

So when we regrouped we went round and discussed our ideas and said if we felt that there were any weaknesses that the creators may not have come up with.

We were invited by David Benyon’s wife, Linda, to come to her house and have a BBQ there. So when we were on our way back to Edinburgh we stopped off in Sainsbury’s to get food.


We had a good time at Linda’s and it allowed us all to get closer as a group as there was time to talk about things other than the project.

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