Farmingdale State College Students attend and participate in DIS 2017

The Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2017 conference was held this year in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. This international ACM SIGCHI conference has been an important community for Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design researchers, practitioners and academics. Farmingdale State College had an important presences at this international conference as faculty chaired the workshops, while students participated as volunteers and attended the conference.

Interaction Design Students in the Visual Communications Department at Farmingdale State College experienced; 

  1. design workshop lead by practitioners from Volvo Cars, Sweden with a keen focus on personalizing the automation of self driving cars.
  2. design workshop led by faculty from University of California, Berkley to understand new uses of bio data
  3. design workshop led by faculty from the Open Lab, University of New Castle, to engage the Arab community to better design interactive systems.
  4. interaction design research methods by Facebook London.
  5. formal British dining events that opened doors for networking and careers, and much more.

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