Five-Day Blended Spaces Workshop Kicks off in Edinburgh, UK

SUNY Farmingdale State College in NY and Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh Scotland have kicked off their five-day Blended Spaces Workshop. Students from both institutions have teamed up at the Centre for Interaction Design to dive deeper into Professor David Benyon’s interaction design research in Blended Theory.

The first-day kick-off meeting focuses on fundamental principles of Blended Theory and its framework. Professor Benyon leads the lecture into looking more closely at Conceptual Blending and the metaphors we use to understand interactive services around us every day.  For example, how a waiting line (cue) provides us with an enough contextual, social and visual information so that we don’t confuse a waiting line with a military line waiting in attention.

These principles and more are designed to prepare both Farmingdale and Napier students with a trip to Jupiter Art Land. There we will explore blended spaces in concert with sustainable agriculture.

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