Designing Memory Books with Natural Language Processing

Students and faculty in the Visual Communication Department at Farmingdale State College, are producing and designing Memory Books with Natural Language Processing. Memory Books are personal photo albums that capture spoken memories of your friends and family. We use Google Voice, coupled with a series of user-centered workflows and work arounds to record memories of your most loved photos. Our student design thinkers are:

  • solving complex usability problems by overcoming Google technical limitations
  • exploring a wide verity of user-centered scenarios to solve key pain-points using Google Voice in its current state.
  • combining transcribed verbal stories to printed text
  • capturing the voice of a loved one while browsing memory books.
  • designing beautiful photo album layouts using Adobe Products
  • using scenario-based design to envision future user and technological interactions
  • deigning mobile web interactions that solve key user-centered pain-points.
  • creating prototypes to further understand their design decisions.

Artwork and Designs created by: Genevieve Quiban, Julius Capio, Gabby and Nick

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