Congratulations to Stephen Mokey MS HCI graduate in Interaction Design for Blended Spaces

Congratulations to Stephen Mokey!
Stephen has spent the last two years researching digital tourism for blended spaces at RIT. He successfully defended his MS HCI Capstone Project on 8/12/2013. Stephen’s work represents the first RIT Masters of Science Project that pushes new applied research and development innovations within the discipline of mobile Interaction Design for Blended Spaces.

Exploring Blended Spaces at the Genesee Country Village & Museum: Agency Preference in Visitor Groups

Mobile applications designed for specific tourism sites have become increasingly popular, but little research has been done to determine the types of interactions that visitors prefer in this setting, especially when the visitors are in a group. Using blended design methodology as a starting point, a mobile application has been designed, built, and tested to examine the concept of agency with regard to delivering digital content to groups of 3-5 users. After asking users to choose between pre-recorded audio of characters or narrators, or text read aloud by a group member, it has been determined that younger users prefer the novelty of blended characters, while older users with no children in their groups prefer the pacing and control of reading aloud. However, nearly all users enjoyed experiencing the information in multiple ways and would prefer to be offered more than one style from which to choose.

A portion of Stephen’s MS HCI Capstone Project has been accepted for publication at British HCI 2013.

Mokey, S., Nalbandian, A,. & O’Keefe, B,. (2013). Location as Interaction: Exploring Blended Spaces in the Global Village. In Proc. British HCI 2013 Work-in-Progress. ACM Press 2013.

Capstone Committee Dr. Brian O’Keefe (Chair) Dr. Michael Yacci (Co-Chair)
Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology

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