Augmented Reality as Performance Art

This project begins to ask the question, what is performing arts in the age of mixed reality? Through mobile technologies and services created in the METP NYSCA 2013 and this proposal we can place a performer anywhere, at at time and in any context. Increasingly, augmented reality is changing the way we think about performing arts. Augmented reality becomes performance when… (see youtube videos)
The Young Priestess in this 1902 William-Adolphe Bouguereau painting animates then dissipates into thin air (augmentation by RIT students Liz Andrew and Jason Pries, 2013)
The fishermen from this 1864 Claude Monet painting titled Towing a Boat, Honfleur pull the boat to shore and build a camp site fire on the beach (augmentation by RIT students Ashley Burke, Sammy Castillo, and Corinne Dewey, 2013)
The 1928 Thomas Hart Benton landscape painting titled Boomtown takes you back to the artist studio to discover his inspiration (augmentation by RIT students Audrey Lee and Collette Majors, 2013).

In the current METP NYSCA 2013 project we have created one digital story with five performances by craftsmen and time period actors. The Mystery of the Missing Child  will augment the performance of each actor/actress to be placed in numerous contexts and scenarios. In other words, this grant will be pushing the edge of what augmented reality means for the performing arts.


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