RIT students and faculty present MET research at CHI 2013 Paris, France

Our students were glowing with excitement to present our work-in-progress poster at CHI 2013 Paris. Mobile Experiences for Tourism (MET): Brick City Tours (BCT),  is a series of mobile services aimed at prospective university students who are visiting the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus.

Our students were able to meet the most innovative researchers in the HCI Community. Our hihglight was when Jakob Nielsen took his time to stop at our poster and have a long conversation with our students, while learning about Mobile Experiences for Tourism at RIT.

Students present research at CHI 2013 Paris

Students present research at CHI 2013 Paris

Our ongoing research and development is looking at improving key visitor problem areas while on an RIT tour. Our goal is to leverage user-centered design methods to develop a mobile service to strengthen the connection and facilitate visitors to make an informed decision when choosing which school to attend. Our ACM paper discusses the project’s design rationale, process, and outcomes, while introducing the evaluation iterations for a mobile service aimed at prospective students so they can experience the innovations of RIT students and faculty.

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